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25 February, 2010

Woven paracord bracelet, (5mm cord) Dog collar

Here I made a dog collar from 5mm white Paracord as a gift for my parents-in-law MIGHTY dog...

Woven Paracord Bracelet - same idea as the dog collar. (Olive green is not a great color but cheap for 100mt roll, ideal for practice use).

This is one of my favorite knots combined in a bracelet. the finished product looks realy good and to my opinion it is more comfortable on the wrist then the survival bracelet.

Step-1 you will need scissors, Paracord (1 color or combined 2 colors), lighter, small plastic Buckle: L30mm, W15mm. The buckle in this guide I got from my cat's collar, perfect size.

Step-2 make a simple knot in one side of the buckle.

Step-3 insert the cord into the other buckle and measure around the wrist leaving a bit of space for the paracord knots and wrist comfort. Hold cord in place with the other hand , open the buckle and start with the first 3 knots then cheack again wrist fitness. If you are happy continue untill you get to step 14.

Try to keep every knot very tight to the next, last knot (step14) push the paracord in with some pointy object to get maximum tightness then fuse the end cord on the inside part of the bracelet.
This knot pattern is similar to the woven paracord bracelet I showed before. The shape looks triangular when finished and some call it "rattlesnake" since it remainds his tail and skin pattern.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I enjoy all the projects you've posted on your blog. I just had a question about the Rattlesnake stitch...can it be done with multiple colors? Thanks!

donna said...

I love your directions, could you tell me how much cord you used per inch on the dog collar? I will be using 450 test paracord.
I've done weaving with hemp and other smaller string, but never paracord. The measurements are all new to me.
Thank you!!

Aharon's blogs said...

Q.1.Thank you for the comments. Rattlesnake stitch could be done with 2 colors by fusing 2 paracord colors into one cord.

Q.2. Hi, donna happy you like my blog, I cant realy say I did the dog collar long time ago. I used 5mm Dia cord and just measured it on the dogs neack until it was the right size.

scmiller777 said...

Thanks for your instructions and projects. Very easy to understand.
It took me a little over 1 foot per inch maybe an extra foot to get it really tight.

VK said...

I thik I miss something in step 4. Everything is clear to step 3 and then something goes wrong. Any help will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

How do you create that lovely decorative round two rope end knot on the pic 11?

Do you have a name for it, or perhaps a link with instructions on how to create it?


Anonymous said...

How do you make the wider OD bracelet that you show with the dog collars? It looks like it is three wide instead of two.



Anonymous said...

Hey if you could email me at i have been looking for 5mm para cord and really can't find thank you.

David Falkenberg said...

I am also interested in learning how to make the wider woven braclet that you show in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

How do you finish the dog collar. I am a bit confused on that so please any help would be great. thank you for your time and talent

Marko Gorc said...

Very cool! I made a similar paracord bracelet (tut at It is especially suitable to modification like adding beads or extra cord.

A vital bracelet design to know if you are serious.