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26 March, 2010

How to tie a Monkey Fist knot

The Monkey Fist knot has a long history since 1800's, in this guide I will show how to make it using a marble inside the knot.
Step-1 Many objects could be used inside the knot preferably round or square but I chose to use a marble. The marble is light weight and you can get it in different sizes.

Step-2 I recommand using some sort of pointy object I chose my nail punch. Once the knot is finished the pointy object will aid you when pulling the cord to tighten the knot around the marble.

Step-6 Insert the marble in the center of the knot.

Step-12 I made a diamond knot and snake stitch but any type of finishing could be applied.
The first few attempts could go wrong - this knot needs a LOT of patience so take your time and especially the final tightening part, do it slowly and you will get a cool Monkey's fist.
In the second guide I am just showing another method of holding the cord between the fingers. It is convenient way for small marbles.

I was just thinking that not everyone finds it easy making the monkey fist knot between 2 fingers so I made this DIY aid I call it the "easy monkey's fist". All that is needed is to wrap the cord correctly in the monkey fist knot then take it off and tighten it.
It's made from scrap timber (L-shape screwed together) and 4" nails. I drilled nail sized diameter holes so the nails could be removed / pulled out easily. The small gap on the base is for holding the start cord and 3 screws (optional) to fix it to a solid base.
I tried it my self a few times and it only took me a few minutes to make a perfect monkey's fist.
Just remember, do it slowly dont pull to hard on the first few tightenings.

I found today some 8mm cord and made a giant monkey fist using golf ball and tennis ball as core.


yoo-hoo24 said...

Hello !
Can you show in pictures,how you make the Diamantknot in another colour on the Monkey-Fist?!
Thanks and bye,

Jonathan Hartford said...

I'd love to see more detail on how to tighten up the fist, going from step 9->10->11 in your first diagram.

SkulliWulli said...

I'm an old IT geek and I have an entire jar of old mouse balls. Made my first one and it worked awesome. Using 550 paracord I did come to the conclusion that four wraps per direction worked the best. Thanks for the walkthru!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen anyone explain it like this before. I love this knot but never have been able to do it until I found your instructions. Great work and PLEEEEZE keep it up. Love your site.

Aharon's blogs said...

All I can say about making the monkey fist is A LOT OF PATIENCE. Follow the step by step guide, try using big and small marbles. It can take time to get used to this knot. I promise one thing if you try and try you will master it very quickly. I find making monkey fists...therapeutic relaxing. Btw It took me some time to master them too:-)

Thank you for the nice comments it's great to know that my explanations are helpful. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Old mouse balls DO make great centers for a paracord monkey fist, though I like the 5-finger fists (five wraps) best.

Also have a clothesline monkey fist around a 16 oz lead round sinker as a heavie in the trunk bug-out bag.

-Mihaaa- said...

nice blog you have here :),..

..have kind of a stupid question but,.. how can i manage to finish it whole in a "perpetual loop",
- i guess you leave 2 lose ends on a monkey ball and make a diamond or sth else knot, but how do you finish, where od the ends go???

another possible scenario that Isee woudl be that the 1st knot, eg begining of a monkeyfist is probably in a monkeyfist itself, but it still puzzles me where do you stick the other end to, how do you finish a loop

tnrubicon said...

How do you know what length of cord to use? I would imagine there are a lot of variables. Size of object inside, how you finish the end, etc. But is there a rule of thumb, or what? Thanks

st0rm6 said...

there is a better way to make a tool for making perfect monkey fists easily. you take a coathanger and bend it into a long u shape and then bend the ends of the u under again so that from the top and from both sides it looks like a u then you can wrap the cord around this shape, pop in your core, and then slide it off and tighten it. just search google for and image search "monkey fist coathanger tool"

Anonymous said...

Where did you get 8mm paracord?

armygross said...

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Best Regards


cali kid said...

the jig you made I'm a little lost on the jig is it a down right L and then a upside down L

Anonymous said...

It'd be awesome if you could show us exactly how you made those diamond knot and snake finishes on the actual lanyard part. I won't hold my breath though bc you don't really seem to check in here very often.

cordy said...

Could you please show in pictures, how to make the diamond knot and snake stitch at the end?

Anonymous said...

going back to the wide solomon bar bracelet, thank you for what you did have ,but you really need to specify with better pictures on how to put the female buckle on. I got to that part,and then i had to improvise on that. please post better pictures. THX

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the history of the monkey fist as a splice on a heaving line, my Dad says he had to use it frequently during WWII on landing craft...

Marko Gorc said...

I showed how to make on on my blog ( It is fairly simple once you get some practice in.


Narasiman Ramachandran said...

The info you provided in the blog that was really unique I love it!!!
Monkey Fist