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25 February, 2010

Paracord survival bracelet (Cobra stitch, king cobra stitch)

Some Paracord bracelets (survival bracelets) I made.
The 2 tiny paracord bracelets I made for my baby, he loves them.

Guide I made for the basic survival bracelet - 2 colors (no buckle).
Step-1 make a simple knot at the end of the cord and fuse both edges for work comfort. Step-2 fuse the work end of the orange cord, pull the white inner strings about 10mm back into the yellow cord. Insert the orange (fused end) into the yellow cord and fuse gently with lighter for a nice finishing.
Step-15 cut and fuse the Orange and yellow left overs. Make a simple knot or a decorative knot at the end making sure the bracelet is not too tight on the wrist before cutting and fusing the knot end.
In case you decide to add another layer of paracord cut and fuse the end only after checking it fits comfortably on the wrist, as the extra layer will make the bracelet tighter.
Another option of creating a nice bracelet is to add another layer of paracord in the same or a different colour. This adds thickness to the bracelet so be sure to taken this into account when making the first layer, leave enough cord for the next layer. Adding another layer can be decorative on bag handle, dog collar etc'.

Here I made a bracelet with a whistle matcing the color of the cord. I was pleased with the finished results but I'm not to enthusiastic about the whistle buckle which is a bit big and bulky on the wrist but still a cool idea. I got the whistle buckle on eBay but there are many sites that sell them.


Anonymous said...

Your blog was very helpful since I've just started to make items out of paracord. First effort is to be bracelets for my grandsons.
However, do you know of any book that has a good selection of "how to" instructions for different project to use when a computer isn't handy? Thank you for your response.

Aharon's blogs said...

Thank you I am happy you liked my blog. I read only 2 books about knot types. The first book was ""Knots & ropework the ultimate ecncyclopedia by Geoffry budworth".
To my opinion the book was not great. A lot of lovely colord images. The second book is "the complete book of decorative Knots" also by Geoffrey Budworth.
Again and this is only my opinion I think this book is much better and informative about how to make the knots.I learned some realy nice knots from this book.
I will be happy to answer any other question you have;-)

salman said...

Hey do u know where to buy paracord in middle east
i cant buy online
and we dont have public military stores here

Aharon's blogs said...

Hi Salman, Thats a tricky one, I get paracord online and the only other place is military shops. Sometimes you can get them in camping, hardware or outdoors stores and sometimes they are sold in supermarkets. Sorry I cant realy say where you can get it.

Maria said...

Hardware stores might also have the basic green.

Anonymous said...

is there any possible way to make a two colored cobra stitch with the release buckle? not king cobra. Like where you have your middle piece as one color then your two outside colors are different ...? any possible way? help please.

jake said...

i made a braclet with the cobra stich x4 i used atleast 100 feet of cord and its held together by a dimond knot and each layer is a different color except for the third and fourth layer wich is the same color

mama bear said...

Hi, do you know how much strength is lost when fusing the two colors of the paracord? Would having the fused bracelet make it pretty useless if you had to lift/hold something quite heavy? Just thinking it limits the survival abilities. Thanks.

Unknown said...


I was just wondering how exactly you tuck the ends in at the end of the two color no buckle survival bracelet. I cant quit figure it out. Thanks!

Bella said...

how do you do the ends of the two color no buckle survival bracelet? thanks.

Daninho said...


im new into Paracord and i started with some bracelets and King Cobra stitch. However, my King cobra stitch is not so symetrical it seems and i can see the normal cobra sticht (first run) under it like seen on your pictures but on the web i saw many king cobra bracelets where i cant see the first cobra pattern under it, maybe they use thicker paracord? do you have a tip to get the cobra stitch patter more symetric?

Anonymous said...

How does one cut paracord?

Marko Gorc said...

You cut paracord using regular, sharp scissors.
I usually write tips on paracord crafts at Paracord central. You should by all means use a lighter to singe the ends, so your paracord ends do not split.