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13 March, 2010

Paracord (square knot)

Square Paracord knot is ideal for key fob or to hold swipe cards, mobiles, zipper pull etc'.

I used it around my mobile strap and around a metal rod attached to my car key. - ie Rod could be used incase of an emergency to smash window.

In this guide I am showing the steps how to create the square knot.

Step 7- insert the inner cord into the first square knot and tight it around.

Step 13-cut and fuse 2 loose ends.

Step 14- create decorative knot or fuse it.


Scott or Pam said...

How many feet/inches would you use for this project? and I don't quite understand step one, how does the loop fit into the whole thing? Thanks for your help.

Aharon's blogs said...

Hi, you can use as much paracord as you desire. Once you start its just making knot over knot until you are happy with the length. Try 25inces (per color) for first time.
In step one it is the core paracord the will be slided into the first set of knots (step 6) and after that all knots will be tight around it.
Hope this was helful ;-)

eggwhite said...

Can you tell me what the knot is and how to make it, that is in the end of the pink squareknot keychain? It looks like a diamond knot but where are the ends?

Marko Gorc said...

The orange/black keychain is just the same as I made on my website ( I think this is the most standard out of the paracord key fobs out there.


Romilda Gareth said...


Linda Fairy said...

I love the pink and green color of your paracord key chain! Very cute and something my nieces who love camping will adore! The paracord is the work of a genius and what do we do without them? Square knots and other varities such as snake knots are very lovely to use to create stunning creations. If you want to learn how to make those knots, you've got to see this awesome site

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James Terrier said...

This is a great project to do with my daughters who often accompany me on our camping trips. They are very aware of the helpfulness and saving features of the paracord which they also share with their friends. Thanks for the awesome design which my teens love. The pastel colors are so delicate-looking and they love to make one just like the pink key holder. I think they will modify it and make it into a lanyard and bracelet. For more great DIY projects, see this resource site that we discovered: