Hi Everyone, my apologies for not posting for some time now and not answering viewers questions. Thank you for all the kind comments they really motivate me to create new posts. I will do my best to start adding more paracord projects to this blog and I will combine my Paracord Projects with my other blog Flaming Furnace.

21 February, 2011

Paracord and aluminum casting

This is the first post combining creations from my two blogs.
In the first image I casted a small key fob from aluminum and wraped it with a paracord snake stitch.

In this images you can see the aluminum rescue handle that I casted.
I used 8mm paracord tied to the handle and connected it to a metal clamp.
If anyone wants to see how I made the aluminum castings visit Flaming Furnace blog.


Brandon Mysliwiec said...

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Anonymous said...

Cool castings. I've done some for knife handles. Warning :that commenter Brandon Mysliwiec owns "paracord master" and will not ship. Check his company "BK industries" on Better Business Bureau website. Scammer most likely.

Jude said...

I love the way you wrapped the paracord around the aluminum casting. Very nice design!
My collection

Marko Gorc said...

Interesting. I also work quite a bit with paracord (you can see some of my ideas on my site about paracord). Have not tried these yet, but maybe in some time.