Hi Everyone, my apologies for not posting for some time now, thank you for all the kind comments, I still haven't found the time for the past 7 years to add new posts ;-) day I will be back......

21 February, 2011

Paracord and aluminum casting

This is the first post combining creations from my two blogs.
In the first image I casted a small key fob from aluminum and wraped it with a paracord snake stitch.

In this images you can see the aluminum rescue handle that I casted.
I used 8mm paracord tied to the handle and connected it to a metal clamp.
If anyone wants to see how I made the aluminum castings visit Flaming Furnace blog.

19 April, 2010

Wide paracord bracelet, two colors (solomon bar)

Wide paracord bracelet is a nice project, it takes a bit of extra paracord and time but the final result is rewarding. In this case I used 2 colors for this guide.
Step-1 you will need paracord, lighter, scissors, curved plastic buckle. In image 1 you can see a good plastic buckle for survival bracelet unfortunately it was to small for this wide bracelet, In the other images I used flat buckle which is a bit uncomfortable on the wrist, not recommended so it's only to show how to make this braclet.
Another thing it is easier to make the knots if you fuse all cord ends before starting.
Step-2 Tie the 3 cords in a simple cow hitch knot around one side of a buckle.
Step 3-13 Are all the steps you need to know. after that it's just repeating it again and again until you can fit it comfortably around your wrist.
step -13-36 just showing how to keep on with the same knot routine.
Step - 37-38 slide 4 inner cords (not 2 external cords) under the first knot.
Pull tight all the cords after sliding them into the knot, cut close the extra cord and fuse carefully all loose ends.
*** A good way to remember the steps is always start first with external right cord then second cord in from the right , then external left cord and inner left cord.
** Dont forget to cross the center cord (black cord in my example) the same way every step, if you see distortion in the knots untie one or two steps back and do it again.
At the end you will get cool wide paracord bracelet, one side will look like double survival bracelet and the other side with x between every knot.

09 April, 2010

Paracord accessories, tips and tricks

When making a paracord bracelet, lanyard etc' there are many accessories that could be added. I will try and gather a few of them here just to give different ideas and uses.

* If you get the paracord wet it will harden the cord and shrink it. Bad thing that could happen if your paracord bracelet is allready a bit tight on the wrist is, it will become too tight for your wrist and maybe uncomfortable. If your paracord bracelet is too big around your wrist dip it in water and it will shrink to some level.
One good thing: if you dip your monky's fist in water it will stiffen the paracord around
the center marble.

* There are many objects you can use as buttons, for example I used a plastic button from an old tracksuit. You just need to drill a hole in the center, slide in the paracord and fuse the end cord rounding it nicely with a wet finger.
The same thing could be done with metal button from your old jeans, I got one from my old Jeans (see photo).
Another old trick is using a penny, you just need to drill a hole in the center and you have a great DIY button.

Every one has old stuff laying around that could be used to upgrade your paracord creation into something cool.
If your bracelet plastic buckle breaks no panic here is one of many alternatives. In this images I made Loop+diamond knot.

26 March, 2010

How to tie a Monkey Fist knot

The Monkey Fist knot has a long history since 1800's, in this guide I will show how to make it using a marble inside the knot.
Step-1 Many objects could be used inside the knot preferably round or square but I chose to use a marble. The marble is light weight and you can get it in different sizes.

Step-2 I recommand using some sort of pointy object I chose my nail punch. Once the knot is finished the pointy object will aid you when pulling the cord to tighten the knot around the marble.

Step-6 Insert the marble in the center of the knot.

Step-12 I made a diamond knot and snake stitch but any type of finishing could be applied.
The first few attempts could go wrong - this knot needs a LOT of patience so take your time and especially the final tightening part, do it slowly and you will get a cool Monkey's fist.
In the second guide I am just showing another method of holding the cord between the fingers. It is convenient way for small marbles.

I was just thinking that not everyone finds it easy making the monkey fist knot between 2 fingers so I made this DIY aid I call it the "easy monkey's fist". All that is needed is to wrap the cord correctly in the monkey fist knot then take it off and tighten it.
It's made from scrap timber (L-shape screwed together) and 4" nails. I drilled nail sized diameter holes so the nails could be removed / pulled out easily. The small gap on the base is for holding the start cord and 3 screws (optional) to fix it to a solid base.
I tried it my self a few times and it only took me a few minutes to make a perfect monkey's fist.
Just remember, do it slowly dont pull to hard on the first few tightenings.

I found today some 8mm cord and made a giant monkey fist using golf ball and tennis ball as core.

23 March, 2010

5 - Color Key Fob (Crown Knot)

This key fob contains 5 colors and is similar to the 3 color one.
Step-3 is the most important, a bit of patience and you will master it.
Step-5 and 6 are the same just showing 2 different ways of inserting the inner cord.
The first option is to slide the inner cord into the first knot, the second option is to clip it with all the other cords then start the first knot around it.
Step-10 The clip can be removed, fuse all the loose edges and make some type of knot.

21 March, 2010

3 - color Key Fob (Crown Knot)

3-Color Crown Knot is easy to master in a few steps and the finished product is very pleasing to the eye. As many viewer can see I usually use the same colors because it is easier to see the guide in bright colors.
This type of knot is like the square knot it can be used as a key fob, lanyard etc. I used a plastic kitchen clip to hold the paracord for the first few knots any other method could be used also.
Step-3 Insert the inner paracord from step 1 into the first knot and tight it. Make another knot, tight it again then open the plastic clip and insert the black inner cord. Keep on with the knots.
Step-9 Cut the edges and fuse them with a lighter.
step-10 Release the plastic clip and fuse the 3 cord ends.
Step-11 Create a simple knot or decorative one.

19 March, 2010

13 March, 2010

Paracord (square knot)

Square Paracord knot is ideal for key fob or to hold swipe cards, mobiles, zipper pull etc'.

I used it around my mobile strap and around a metal rod attached to my car key. - ie Rod could be used incase of an emergency to smash window.

In this guide I am showing the steps how to create the square knot.

Step 7- insert the inner cord into the first square knot and tight it around.

Step 13-cut and fuse 2 loose ends.

Step 14- create decorative knot or fuse it.

06 March, 2010

Diamond knot

The Diamond knot is a nice addition to a lanyard or just as a button for paracord bracelet. I took a few step by step guide photos and marked them with red arrows as the direction of movement. Using paper with 2 holes as the first step is not a must just a convenient method until you master this knot, the same knot can be done by holding the paracord on the palm of the hand and bringing the first cord behind 2 fingers. I used my 8mm paracord for the guide as it's easier to see each step.