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01 March, 2010

Snake Stitch - 2 colors

I decided my tools needed a bit of upgrade. Here is my pin hammer that I custom made after the original wooden handle broke. I welded the hammer head to a bolt and a few nuts for a handle and also made a paracord wrist strap (cobra weave) for working on heights with option of removing it easily by opening the screw. My small spanner was also upgraded to get a better grip.

I took a few photos showing the steps of making a Snake Stitch from 2 colors .

It's important to remember that after finishing step 5 turn the lanyard around as seen in step 6. After step 8 turn it around again for step 9 and so on until the required length is achieved or you run out of paracord.

Step 3 - slide the cord from step 1 into in the center of the loops and tight.
Step 13 - fuse the extra cord with a lighter.
Stage 16 - create a decorative knot or just cut and fuse the end of the cord.

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